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At any time after placing an advert, you can revisit it, correct errors, update any pricing info, improve the wording, add a paragraph, etc. That goes for your photos as well! You can add, remove photos, or change the primary one for any existing advert. You are in total control!


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Please give us as much constructive Feedback as you have time for. Just in your own words with a simple email. Whether its about a bug, a category you'd like to see represented or anything you reckon we can improve on, just fire off an email. Thanks!


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Before you make an inquiry, please check out the About Us and the FAQ pages. Thanks.


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Ads4All seeks to cater for every possible advert. That includes the full range of items for sale, wanted, and for hire, all Jobs offered and wanted, all trade and professional Services, the full ranges of Courses, Classes and Tuition, and all types of Community related notices. Pretty good, eh?

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Adverts - copying - can I easily copy both the words and the images from one of my adverts to make a new advert?

Yes, you can. You might need to use this feature for a number of reasons:

* You might feel that there is more than one category to which your advert applies.
* You might want to advertise a similar but not identical item or job and it would be faster to copy the original and then do minor editing on the new one.
* You might have inadvertently placed the original in the wrong category and would find it easy to copy it to the correct category and then delete the original.

** To copy one of your adverts, first click on the usual link to your adverts on the top right or bottom centre of any page of listings. You'll see the usual summary lines for each of your adverts. Now, in addition to the existing "Words", "Images" and "Delete" buttons, you'll see a "Copy" button.

If you click on this, you'll first be asked to confirm that you do, in fact, want to copy the corresponding advert - its not a trivial matter - and then you can proceed to zero in on the category in which the new copy will be placed. That part is very similar to the procedure with the "Place Advert" option.

You can, at any time in that category selection process, opt out by clicking on the usual set of standard links and return to the main site. When you are certain you have found the correct new category, you can click on the link indicated.

Do some editing on the new advert (using the "Edit" button), if required. That includes a check on whether all the images were also copied.

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Adverts - what are the various 'For Sale' options I can use in my adverts for items?

The most common option is just to state your "Asking Price". That's the price you'd accept immediately but buyers typically make you counter offers that are a little less. You could then either accept the highest counter offer or wait until more and possibly better offers come through.

Another option is to state your "Floor Price". That would be the minimum price you'd contemplate selling your article for. You are saying to any buyers "don't waste my time and yours contacting me if you can't or won't pay at least as much as this price". Again, you don't need to accept the first offer over your floor price. You can wait until you've collected several genuine inquiries before you decide to sell - if at all.

If you supply both the Asking Price and the Floor Price, you are effectively stating your Price Range. That is also a very handy way to help both you and any buyers quickly zero in on a realistic deal.

If you do have an Asking Price and/or a Floor price but don't want it to appear in your advert, you can use the "Price on Application" (POA) option. This is a very popular option for high priced items like property. You are effectively inviting only genuine, serious buyers to contact you.

If you don't want to "show any your cards" for the moment, you can choose the "By Negotiation" (By Neg) option. Again, this is often used for higher priced articles. It retains all options for both parties and also allows for more complicated deals to be explored.

Note, however, with the "By Neg" and the "POA" options, that they might deter some basically serious buyers who might be equally reluctant to "show THEIR cards"(!).

Finally, you can choose the "By Auction" option - but let's be clear about what that means on Ads4All: As we state in a number of places, we do not support, conduct nor much believe in on-line auctions but there's nothing to prevent you from organising your own auctions. We'd recommend "real" auctions with real, "larger than life" auctioneers. For not-too-serious items, they can be good fun!

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Adverts - what are the various options I can use in my 'Wanted to Buy' adverts?

The most common is just to state the maximum price you'd consider paying for the article you are looking for ($X), which we'll display as "Up to $X".

As with the "For Sale" options above, you can use the Price on Application (POA) and the "By Negotiation" (By Neg) options, meaning that you are are happy to arrive at a fair price after talking to possible sellers.

With all "Wanted to Buy" adverts, you are very much entitled to inspect the articles yourself in person before you make any definite offers for them. Unlike many other trading sites, you are not forbidden to contact and talk to the sellers in advance of the sale. Quite the opposite - we believe that it is ridiculous to expect people to buy, sell or bid for expensive articles without the option of inspecting them first!

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Adverts - whats the difference between the "Summary" and the "General Description" boxes?

What you place in the "Summary" box shows in your 'advert thumbnail' - the horizontal strip containing a summary of your advert which appears among the listings for the category.

What you place in the "General Description" box will appear in the main body of your advert, which users see when they click on any of the links in your thumbnail (image, title or pricing).

Your "Summary" is where the "battle for the eyeballs" will mostly be won or lost. It should be "short and punchy" - at least more so than your General Description. It should contain all the important key words, phrases and facts which will help draw the attention of both site - browsing users and the search engines like Google.

Your General Description should include all the information that has not been "collected" by the other specific boxes (for asking prices, contact details, etc). Even then, you might want to go on about how cheaply your item is going for or just how much of an opportunity you are presenting the buyers, etc.

Some adverts require more words than others, ranging from short and simple, text-only wanted-to-buy adverts to detailed Real Estate listings. But don't necessarily think that, the more words you use, the more interest you'll attract - modern attention spans are limited!

** One of the many great things about Ads4All is that you can come back and edit/refine/update any and all of your adverts as many times as you need to by clicking on your own Adverts link at the top right and centre bottom of any listing page. That means you can instantly correct spelling, grammar, confusing points and, crucially, adjust your prices. You can, in effect run a step-by-step Dutch Auction (see below).

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Auctions - do you support on-line auctions?

No. Ads4All does not support, nor much believe in, on-line auctions - just old fashioned bargaining between buyers and sellers. We encourage you to make phone, email and personal contact with each other in your own ways. As with other sites, we support the uploading and viewing of a number of photos (currently 6; 12 for property-related) of each item offered. However, we advise potential buyers to view the items in person before making offers for them, where at all practical.

So, Ads4All is basically the Internet equivalent of the traditional newspaper classified ads but, aside from the zero cost to both buyer and seller, it has all the advantages of convenience, flexibility, immediacy and easy searching that the Internet has over print.

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Auctions - what about on-line "Dutch" or "Descending Price" auctions?

Well, OK, you can effectively run an on-line "Dutch" or "Descending Price" auction for your article on Ads4All by steadily dropping the Asking Price every day (or even every hour!). You'll need to do that editing of your advert yourself.

You might say that Dutch Auctions are just an organised way of doing what effectively happens in traditional bargaining anyway - the asking price drops until a buyer puts his/her hand up.

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Categories - can more be added?

Yes, it is quite easy for us to add more categories and sub-categories and it is you, the user who can leads in this process. If you see a need for sub dividing, adding to or renaming a category, please
Contact Us and let us know.

Similarly with Related Categories. If you think that Category A is related to Category B or even that people who visit Category A are also likely to want to browse any adverts in Category B and we haven't displayed that fact, tell us. If we concur, we'll soon add those links.

Note that its also logical to relate Items to Jobs. An Accountancy text book is obviously related to an Accountancy job.

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Categories - how deep can the sub categories go?

In theory, infinitely deep! The software allows for sub-sub-sub-sub-sub-etc categories down to any level. That degree of software power probably confounds our rivals in itself but, in practice, the deepest level we have at the moment is 8 and we doubt whether the depth will ever need to exceed 10. Its more like that sub-categories will be added closer to the top of the chain.

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Categories - how many are there?

Ads4All hosts over 10,500 categories/sub-categories altogether - i.e. there are 10,500 distinct pages you could visit! Of these, over 9500 are 'end' categories - ones which have no more sub-categories. It is only in these that you can place an advert.

The remaining 1000 or so (sub)categories contain further sub categories. These "parent" categories display all the adverts from each of their "child" sub categories, starting with the first page.

You can choose to order any page's listings by latest and highest and lowest prices (or pay in the case of Jobs) as well as by the alphabetical order of the advert titles.

In this early stage, not all pages will have adverts in them (so please get busy!).

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Charges - how much do classified adverts cost?

Until Further Notice: Nothing. Nothing to register. Nothing to place adverts. Nothing to browse them. Nothing to reply to them. No success fees. No finder fees. No commissions. All free. If we do, later, introduce any fees, rest assured that they'll be modest in comparison with auction and other sites.

Note that the word "free" also applies in the wider sense. For items, you, the advertisers and the responders, are free to contact each other and inspect the items or at least discuss them over the phone or by email.

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Email - why do you need my email address?

We need your email address to help verify who you are but mostly to send messages to you about the latest refinements to the site.

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Identity - what are the important factors in choosing my Identity on Ads4All?

Your identity can be one, two or three words. Each must start with a letter but can then use letters, number or special characters. It must also be unique to Ads4All worldwide, so you may need to have a number of different tries before finding one.

Secondly, remember that there are two distinct classes of advertiser on Ads4All.

The first category is that of a private individual ('Private'). Here, you'll be placing adverts on behalf or yourself or your family. You might well want to keep your true identity secret, so you'll be wise to choose a nickname.

The other category is that of a Business, Retailer, Trader or similar ('Business'). Here, you'll very probably be wanting to publicise exact name of the business that you are the authorised advertising agent for so your Identity can be as close to that as company policy allows for.

On Ads4All, you can only have one Private identity but could have several Business ones - again, subject to that business being a registered one and it having given you permission to place adverts on its behalf.

We'll be keeping an eye on what identities - Private or Business - are chosen, in case anyone registers rude, misleading, fraudulent or defamatory ones. We reserve the right to change or remove them at any time.

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Photos - do I need to supply one or more photographs with all my adverts?

Not at all - you can place a text-only advert quickly and simply at any time and leave it at that. You'll then have a traditional classified advert just like the one you used to have to pay to place in the local paper.

Even so, you can have up to 6 photos with any and all of your adverts (12 for property related ones) - still for free! The great beauty of Ads4All is that you can not only edit your text but also your photo display at any time after you place the advert.

So, any time after you've placed your simple text-only advert(s), you can get your camera out and take photos of all the items in one batch.
You can then return to your adverts, choose the "Images" button for each advert in turn and upload up to 6 photos; up to 12 for property-related categories.

While you're about it, you can edit your original words as well (yes, you guessed, by clicking on the "Words" button!) and perhaps add more detail you've thought of since as well as set a more realistic price(?)

Note that your scanner can also be very handy here - see below.

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Photos - how can I add to or remove photos for my existing adverts?

First, note the advert number and then click on your "Adverts" link. You'll then see a summary of all your current adverts.

Find your advert number and click on the "Images" button on the right. You'll then see the same image uploading window that was presented when you placed the advert and you can resume the editing of your slide show from there.

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Photos - how can I crop, rotate, enhance and trim the file sizes of my photos before uploading?

Photos taken by your digital camera and downloaded to your computer typically end up there as JPEG files of about 2 Megabytes. That is the right size for high quality prints but too big for the Web. On Ads4All, all your images end up at about 20 Kilobytes because we automatically shrink their file sizes. So its a waste of your time, bandwidth and data - and ours - if you directly upload your printable images to us. Better if you can crop and resize them first and there are some very handy programs around to help you do that and many more very handy enhancements for all your other photos as well.

If you're serious enough to have Photoshop, you'll know to use the "Save for the Web" menu but, for ordinary users, the best photo-editing software we've seen is Photoscape. It has all the easy-to-use features you're ever likely to need and its free, although a small donation would help them keep up their good work.

To install it, click here and follow the instructions.

Photoscape is very intuitive to use. Click on the Editing button and you'll see the Crop and Resize buttons appear, amongst others. For Resize, chose
600 pixels and click on the Save As button. You should end up with a web-friendly but still good looking copy of your original that you should have no
trouble uploading to us.

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Photos - what's the best way to photograph books and similar?

Use your Scanner. Place the front cover of the book on the platen and tell the scanner its a colour document or a photo - whichever gives the best result. You may need to use the cropping tool in your photo-editing program.

Don't forget that your scanner can also do a very good job on a lot of other basically flat things you might want to sell - magazines, pictures, stamps, maps, etc.

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Photos for Property and Real Estate adverts - how many photos are allowed for these?

For the categories and sub categories of Property and Real Estate (buying, selling, renting) we now allow you up to 12 photos. All other categories remain at 6.

Our limits on the number of photos we can allow are based on demand and available storage space and may need to be revised from time to time in the light of these and other technical factors.

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Anyone can browse and reply to any of the adverts but you cannot place an advert until you are registered. To do this, you need to be a resident of Australia, England, New Zealand, Scotland or Wales (watch this space), have a valid email address and a valid mobile phone number. We first use your email address to verify your registration and then to communicate with you about other things, including renewing or regenerating your password, renewing your adverts and news about the site.

We won't automatically display your email address in any adverts you place (but you are free to include it yourself if you like). If anyone wants to know more about any advert you place, they'll normally fill in the 'Reply to Advert' form, which will be automatically forwarded to you. You can then choose to reply to them or not as you please.

Registration is free and your information is secured by SSL encryption.

Password Selection

A good password will be long - at least 8 characters - and will have a mixture of letters, numbers and other characters (e.g. $,#,@,&,_), but not commas.

Some prefer to enter an entire phrase (you can use up to 255 characters!). They might use a slightly wacky family saying. Obviously, don't use famous, easily guessable phrases.

Updating Registration Details

You can update your details at any time by simply clicking on your "Details" link. This is one of the two personalised links which appear once you have registered and are logged in. If your name is Kerry you should see "Kerry's Details" and Kerry's Adverts" links at the top right and the foot of every page. The Adverts link sends you to a page from which you can edit any and all of your existing adverts.

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Restricted - can adverts for 'Adult' products and/or services be placed?

No. Our Hosting Provider does not permit them. If any such material 'slips though' we'll remove it as soon as we become aware of it.

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Ads4All - does it have any aliases?

Ads4All has a number of alternative URLs which automatically re-direct you to its principle URL ( They are: (sets initial country to England)

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