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Over 10,000 Categories!

Ads4All hosts over 10,000 categories and sub-categories and we are ready to add more and/or increase the depth....more


Browse and Answer Adverts for Free!

Everyone is free to browse the adverts and contact the advertisers directly. We don't charge you or the advertisers any success fees or commissions....more


Register and Start Placing Adverts Now!

Secure Registration is a quick, free and easy, once-only process. Then you can start placing all those adverts you've been wanting to. They're all free till further notice!


Photos Too!

With any and all adverts, you can also upload up to six photos, logos or images. They can be in jpeg, gif or png format....more


Update your adverts at any time!

At any time after placing an advert, you can revisit it, correct errors, update any pricing info, improve the wording, add a paragraph, etc. That goes for your photos as well! You can add, remove photos, or change the primary one for any existing advert. You are in total control!


Feedback Please!

Please give us as much constructive Feedback as you have time for. Just in your own words with a simple email. Whether its about a bug, a category you'd like to see represented or anything you reckon we can improve on, just fire off an email. Thanks!


But Wait - There's more!

Before you make an inquiry, please check out the About Us and the FAQ pages. Thanks.


Items, Jobs, Services, Courses, Community and More!

Ads4All seeks to cater for every possible advert. That includes the full range of items for sale, wanted, and for hire, all Jobs offered and wanted, all trade and professional Services, the full ranges of Courses, Classes and Tuition, and all types of Community related notices. Pretty good, eh?

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Important Links

Fair Trading Act

From the Commerce Commission Site


SeniorNet New Zealand

Including list of all local learning centres


Buying Motor Vehicles - Consumer Rights, Advice

Your rights and advice when buying motor vehicles and what to do when there is a problem.


Coastguard Northern

Provides patrol, Search and Rescue and information and educational services for all yachties and boaties


New Zealand Chess

A chess calendar giving detailed information on forthcoming chess events in New Zealand, plus Australian events of international significance.


Consumer Rights

From the Consumer Affairs Site


Citizens Advice Bureaux

Including list of all local branches


Buying or Selling a Property

Essential reading for all property buyers or sellers. From the New Zealand Law Society.


House Inspection Checklist

From Consumer NZ



Essential Viewing for Everyone


Safety in the Car

Guidelines from Police Community Relations and community groups


Safety in the Home

Guidelines from Police Community Relations and community groups


Cybersafety and Computer Security Advice

NetSafe promotes the confident, safe, and responsible use of Cyberspace.


Staying safe in rural New Zealand

Guidelines from Police Community Relations and community groups


Safety in the Workplace

Guidelines from Police Community Relations and community groups


Safety in Public Places

Guidelines from Police Community Relations and community groups


Advice about Services

Consumer rights with services, advice for buying and selling, what to do when there is a problem


Disputes Tribunal

From the Justice Department Site


Community Law Centres

Providing a range of community legal services



For concerns about local and government agencies, workplace and wider issues


Chess Enterprises New Zealand

Giant Chess, Garden Chess, Chess Sets, Chess Supplies and more


Chess Enterprises New Zealand

Giant Chess, Garden Chess, Chess Sets, Chess Supplies and more

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All residents of New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland and Wales (so far) are welcome to place on-line adverts, each with up to 6 photos (12 for property adverts), for almost anything – cars, bikes, boats, computers, audio, video, books, antiques, collectibles, music, phones, cameras, houses, flats, apartments, jobs, services, tuition, community, notices, meetings, to sell, buy, hire or swap, new or used, offered or wanted. There are over 10,000 distinct category pages, but we can readily add more or refine the existing ones. To suggest a new category or sub-category, just Contact Us.

Anyone - registered or not - can inquire about any advert immediately but it’s very simple, one-off matter to register and place as many of your own adverts as you need to. Private individuals or businesses are equally welcome to advertise and, in Ads4All, we've made it easy for you to come back and edit, refine and update any of your adverts, including their photos at any time after you first place them. Just remember to delete your adverts once they’ve served their purpose.

Placement, Success and Other Fees

There are no registration, placement or success fees or any other "big brother" aspects. You, as advertisers and responders, are free to contact each other, inspect the items, jobs or services and discuss everything in a free and open way.

However, one thing we ask everyone to do is spread the good word!

How it Works

Ads4All does not support, nor much believe in, auctions - just old fashioned bargaining between buyers and sellers (employers and employees, landlords and tenants, etc). We encourage both parties to make phone, email and personal contact with each other in their own ways. As with other sites, we support the uploading and viewing of a number of photos (currently at least 6) of each item offered. However, as with traditional trading, we advise potential buyers to view the items in person before making offers for them, wherever practical. Thus, Ads4All is basically the Internet equivalent of the traditional newspaper classified ads but, aside from the zero cost to both advertise and responder, it has all the advantages of convenience, flexibility, immediacy and easy searching that the Internet has over print.

Adverts, Please!

Please Register, if you haven't already, and start placing all those adverts you've always wanted to but didn't want to wade through those much more complicated sites and still end up paying them for the "privilege"!

Feedback, Please

If you're unclear about anything, please browse the FAQ first.

If its not there or, if you have a good idea or suggestion, please give us as much Feedback as you have time for. That includes any bugs, of course, but also any and all other aspects of style, ease of use, clarity, what new categories we should have, etc.

Spread the Word

If you do like Ads4All, please tell your friends about it. Word of mouth is still a big factor.

Your Responsibilities

With all the above, come responsibilities. Play fair, trade fair, be fair. A good deal should leave both parties smiling. We still believe that Kiwis, Aussies and Brits have a strong sense of what's right and what's not and we reserve our right to ban anyone who, in our opinion, is not playing fair or otherwise abusing the service we are providing.

Software Used and Acknowledgements

Ads4All uses XHTML, CSS, Javasrcipt, PHP and MySQL and gratefully acknowledges the Open Source providers of these fine products.


Ads4All is hosted by BlueHost. They are an American firm but, we're sorry to say, provide far greater resources for far less money than local hosting firms. If that changes, we'll happily switch.